Radio Cántico Nuevo 1530 AM/ 97.5 FM New Jersey/106.3 FM New York

Employment Opportunity:

RCN Broadcasting Inc. in in need of a NEWS DIRECTOR with Minimum Education Level of Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
Hours per week: 40  Incumbent will be responsible for gathering news from and about events in Latin America; edit news for presentation to listeners in the Spanish language. He will also generate ideas for stories, or take a brief from a news editor/producer researching stories through personal contacts, the internet and other sources deciding on the most appropriate angle to approach the story booking and briefing interviewees recording interviews - in person, or through telephone or studio links - and sometimes conducting them live speaking directly to camera or tape finding appropriate images or sounds - either by recording fresh material, or retrieving them from library stock writing introductions and scripting film material adapting material for use in other formats and programs. Must be fluent in Spanish and English languages and have knowledge of current news and political issues throughout Latin America as well as other Spanish speaking countries..  Interested applicants send resumes to ERICK SALGADO
8700 18TH AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY 11214.